Employment Law

The welfare and efficiency of your work team is vital to the production of your business.

If employees feel that they are being unfairly treated, it will demotivate them, or even force them to look elsewhere for employment. It is important to keep a correct balance. There are of course instances where staff need to be discplined, or sadly even let go. But there is a difference between fair and unfair dismissal.

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Equally, it is important for you as a business to protect yourselves against any disgruntled ex employees,

This is where employment law lawyers come into the mix. We understand the minefield of employment law. We know your rights, and the rights of the employees. We are there to support you, to offer expert advice in a number of different instances.

It is important to have lawyers that you can trust. With us there is always someone available for you to communicate with, we are happy to address any concerns, and to guide you through the process.

Together, we can help you to ensure that you are keeping a happy and healthy work atmosphere, and to ensure that your business remains protected.

A number of factors come under employment law, such as dismissal, whistleblowing, equality and disability, and many many more. 

Should you ever need us, we have experts in each field, who are able to determine exactly the right action for you and how the matter can best be settled in a way that protects your reputation as well as your finances. We keep abreast of the law, and we have knowledge based on our past successes.